Secure Artificial Intelligence for Sleep Science.

A vision of open and secure AI
for solving big healthcare challenges.

Morpheo is the first ‘Machine Teaching’ platform for Healthcare, paving the way for accurate predictive and precision medicine. It is an open interdisciplinary effort to interface large datasets, algorithms, medical specialists and data scientists in order to provide the best characterizations and predictions of pathologies. Morpheo's open source infrastructure is data and algorithm agnostic, and it is specifically designed to handle sensitive data guaranteeing the highest privacy and transparency standards, thanks to its blockchain technology. Although Morpheo could span Healthcare and beyond, we focus on a rich and underestimated source of biomarkers: sleep.

Better and faster diagnosis for sleep medicine.

Morpheo is a free, online, secured tool helping sleep specialists analyze seamlessly their clinical data, and benefit from the predictive models developed for automatic analysis of sleep physiological recordings. Morpheo is mainly designed to accelerate and improve diagnosis and data annotation. Centered on the visualization of any polysomnographic montage, Morpheo provides efficient automated detection tools notably for hypnograms and apnea events.


Machine learning interface for large sleep datasets.

Morpheo is a free, online, secured tool helping data scientists deploy and benchmark their algorithms on a massive scale. Morpheo is powered by a cutting edge machine learning backend running algorithms on hidden data without revealing algorithms source code to anyone. Morpheo will be the host of many sleep related data challenges.


The technology powering Morpheo

transfer-learning Transfer Learning

Morpheo is an artificial intelligence platform which learns by example. Trained on large datasets of annotated data, its machine learning algorithms can generalize diagnosis to new data. It works and learns from numerous kinds of data sources: from classical polysomnography, to connected devices for sleep.

Morpheo utilizes the latest cryptography technology to guarantee traceability of operations and security of data. By orchestrating its computation via a private blockchain run by institutional partners, Morpheo guarantees that your data is protected and no one else can ever access the data of others.

blockchain Blockchain

White Paper

We are at a crucial moment in history where the progress in artificial intelligence is meeting an ever increasing computing power, and the collection of unprecedented amount of quality data. It is clear that this wave of digital intelligence is overwhelming many fields and in particular Healthcare. Not only is traditional medicine undergoing massive digitalization, but the development of medical-grade sensing products used everyday by the consumers is fuelling the emergence of predictive precision medicine. Thus, the perspective of mass medicine with a high degree of personalization becomes closer with these new technologies. Not only are we able to analyse and detect diseases at a large scale, but we will soon be able to identify slights variants we could not have observed to before. Sleep is particularly rich and under-explored source of information. Physiological signals such as brain and heart activity during sleep will lead to the definition of relevant biomarkers to characterize many pathologies from insomnia, sleep apnea to depression and neurodegenerative diseases. In few years, we will b


A collaborative effort.


Morpheo is driven by a network of developers, data scientists and medical experts, spanning both research, medicine and industry. Our approach is collaborative and open with a strong scientific perspective. We are constantly looking for people and partners to help us build Morpheo.

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